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What you should know about United Nationwide

A classic American moving company.

United Nationwide has grown to become one of the largest and most trusted full-service movers in the country.

Many of United Nationwide’s full-service competitors are brokers, meaning they’ll book your move and then turn around and hire a third party to actually do the work. But United Nationwide and its affiliates own their own trucks and hire their own movers, meaning you know who you’re dealing with from start to finish.

What you get with United Nationwide

Full-service: it’s kind of like Full House, except there’s more hauling boxes and fewer Olsen twins.

United Nationwide is not a half-service mover or a most-service mover. It’s a full-service mover, which means that it offers the fullest range of moving services available.

Want just basic loading and unloading? United Nationwide has got your back. Need some custom crating? United Nationwide can box up nearly anything. Looking for someone to haul your boat? United Nationwide will be your first mate.

Here’s a breakdown of the company’s service offerings and whether they come standard or will cost you a few extra bills.

Service Cost Included Cost Extra
Loading / unloading
Online tracking
Basic liability coverage
Packing / unpacking
Moving supplies
Fragile-only packing
Custom crating
Auto / boat transportation
Appliance disconnection / reconnection
Furniture assembly / disassembly
Shuttle service
Full valuation coverage
Free quote

Specialty transport

Specialty transport isn’t just for boats. United Nationwide can ship your stylish Mercedes-Benz (or your not-so-stylish Honda Accord) to your new home. The company can also get your Harley Davidson across the country. (Or you could just lend it to, you know, a very special reviewer who’ll get it there without a scratch . . . promise!)

Bundling up your auto transport with your full-service move can save you a logistical headache, but it might run a little pricier than going with a dedicated car shipper or motorcycle shipper.


United Nationwide provides Basic Liability Protection on all of its moves, free of charge. This basic coverage will be enough for folks who are just moving basic furniture items or those who need to move on a budget. But it covers your stuff at only $0.60 per pound.

If you need coverage that’s a bit more robust, then you’ll want to check out United Nationwide’s Extra Care Protection plan. This comprehensive coverage will totally repair or replace (whichever costs less) any item that’s lost, damaged, or destroyed during your move.

Online tracking

We’ve reviewed some companies that claim to have “live tracking” for their shipments, but it turns out that just means you can call a customer service representative who may or may not actually pick up to tell you where your stuff is.

With United Nationwide, your valued possessions can be tracked online at any time from anywhere (so long as you have an internet connection). The company’s online system provides load dates, present location of shipment, and the delivery date.

United Nationwide moving experience

United Nationwide used to be one of the strictest companies around when it came to getting a quote. The company would do only in-home estimates. (Trust us, we tried to get them to give us a quote on the phone more than once.)

But times have changed. Now you can order your groceries using a phone app, you can use your watch to monitor your heart rate, and, yes, you can get an “InstaQuote” from United Nationwide.

Like almost everything United Nationwide does, these InstaQuotes are pretty comprehensive. Once you put in some basic information into the online quote tool—like your origin, destination, and home size—you immediately get back three numbers.

These three numbers show you a range of how much your move might cost, depending on whether you’ve got a low, average, or above-average amount of stuff for a home your size. Here’s a quick breakdown of an InstaQuote we got from United Nationwide.

Sample quote categories Details
Distance of move 978 miles (Chicago to Dallas)
Date of move May 2019
Move size 4-bedroom house
Estimate range $7,500–$9,400
Learn More

Of course, the best way to get an accurate quote is still to schedule an in-home estimate.

Tips for scheduling your in-home estimate

You can sign up to schedule an in-home estimate on United Nationwide’s website. But beware, once the company has your contact information, a representative will be calling. And calling. And calling. (I’ve woken up to a missed call and a voicemail from United Nationwide at least three times in the last week.)

Once you’re on the phone with United Nationwide, be sure to schedule the estimate on a day you’ve got time to walk through your home with the mover. You’ll need to explain to them what’s coming (your brand-new entertainment system) and what’s staying (that old VHS collection).

In-home estimates are also the best time to discuss different options with your mover: do you want them to dissemble that bookshelf, or will you do it yourself? What specific items do you want them to do specialty crating for?

Prepping your home

Let’s be honest, you’re not looking forward to packing and preparing for your move (if you were, you’d probably just rent a moving truck). But if you do just a little bit of work on the front end, then you’ll thank yourself later.

The most important thing is to pack up your stuff before the moving truck arrives (unless you’re paying extra for United Nationwide to do it for you). There are tons of neat tricks and tips out there for easy, reliable, and organized packing.

And if you want to get a head start on life in your new home, you can research the best internet and cable packages in your new area. Unpacking all of those boxes will be a lot easier if you’re able to binge the new season of The Walking Dead while you do it.


Once the truck arrives, you can lay back and let United Nationwide do all the heavy lifting, literally. All you need to do is make sure that someone is there to greet the movers for delivery. (You can use United Nationwide’s online tracking system to see when your stuff is arriving and arrange for a friend to be there.)

Oh, and one more thing: you’ll also need to settle your bill before you can get all of your prized possessions back from the movers. United Nationwide agents accept cash, check, or money order.

Storing your stuff

If your new place is not quite move-in ready, then you’ll need storage space to bridge the gap (your parents don’t want your stuff in their garage, I promise). United Nationwide can arrange storage for you, but you’ll have to take out your wallet again.

Unlike some of the other full-service movers out there, United Nationwide doesn’t offer free storage. If you’re using Allied for your move and want to save money on storage, you should book a unit separately. We really like Extra Space Storage and Public Storage, if they’re in your area.

Customer service

United Nationwide teams up with local moving companies (United Nationwide agents) to execute its moves. While all of these companies are vetted and work to a high standard dictated by United Nationwide, there can be some variation when it comes to customer service.

We suggest looking at the reviews for your local United Nationwide agent to see what previous customers have said. Keep in mind that people who have negative experiences are much more likely to write a review, so it’s never as bad as it looks.

Recap: Is United Nationwide a good mover?

United Nationwide brings a healthy mix of experience and innovation to long-distance household moves.

United Nationwide offers a comprehensive, well-tuned move that’s ideal for folks who are relocating across the country and want premium services. But it isn’t the cheapest mover out there for local moves, and it doesn’t have the perks (like free storage) that other companies offer.

Services: United Nationwide is in the big leagues, offering a full range of moving services, from custom crating to boat shipment.

Quotes: United Nationwide has stepped up its quote game, big time. The company now offers InstaQuotes so you can get a rough cost estimate right away. But in-home estimates are still the most accurate quotes.

Moving: United Nationwide does all the moving for you, of course. You can just sit back and watch your stuff move across the country with the company’s online tracking tool.

Storage: United Nationwide can arrange storage for you, but it won’t be free (or even cheap). You can save on storage by setting it up separately.

The best way to figure out if United Nationwide is the right mover for you is to grab a quote. If you’ve had experiences with United Nationwide, good or bad, let us know in the comments section!

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