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What do In-N-Out burger and Ease have in common? They’re everywhere! Just like In-N-Out, Ease franchises are popping up around the country, making it one of the most accessible moving companies. But do the moving services of Ease compare to the savory, delightful taste of a double-double? Not quite—but it’s close.

Like most franchise businesses, quality will vary—and depending on which location you go to, you can either have an amazing culinary experience or you can end up with an upset stomach. Likewise, depending on the quality of your local Ease franchise, you can either get a seamless full-moving experience or a total disaster.

You can expect great customer service from the website, but your actual moving experience will depend on your local movers.

What to know about Ease

With Ease, your experience will depend on your local franchise. Our advice would be to go off of word of mouth and reviews for the franchise closest to your house. If people are digging it and having positive experiences, that’s your green light to go forward.

Still, no matter what franchise you go with, each should adhere to the main rules of the company. You’ll get basic insurance and have plenty of options.

Reviews can be confusing

Let’s talk more about reviews for a second. Some people have had downright awful experiences2 with Ease, but there’s also some five-star reviews in there too. Take it all with a grain of salt because it really just depends on your local franchise.

Besides, we both know people are much more likely to leave bad reviews than positive reviews. Go in with an open mind, keep your guard up during the quote process, and remind them about the “Grandma Rule.” Always remember the “Grandma Rule.”

What you get with Ease

No matter what franchise you go with, here’s everything you need to know before you go get your quote:

Service Included Costs Extra
Loading and unloading Yes Cost included in price
Packing and unpacking Add-on Yes
Moving supplies Add-on Yes
Shipment tracking Yes Cost included in price
Storage Add-on Yes
Basic liability coverage Yes Cost included in price
Full valuation coverage Add-on Yes


There’s no set pricing across the entire company, so what you pay is going to depend on your local Ease franchise. Most franchises charge an hourly rate, which means it’s up to you to spend as few hours as possible with the movers.

How to save money with Ease

Assuming your local franchise works on an hourly rate, then the more you do before the movers arrive, the less you have to pay. Here are some suggestions to cut the price tag down a bit:

  • Pack away the easy stuff (leave the awkward grand piano for the professionals).
  • Clear an easy path for the movers.
  • Make sure the movers can park the truck close to your front door.
  • Avoid small talk (if you have to talk about the weather, just go to a Starbucks and talk to the barista).

If you do all that stuff, and it still feels like the movers are taking their time, you should call the owners and voice your complaints. You shouldn’t need to pay for movers to, say, play on their phones for an hour.

Getting a quote

Coming from someone who’s gotten a lot of quotes from a lot of different full-service moving companies, may I just say the online quote process with Ease was a delight.

Another rarity in the world of online moving quotes—letting you customize exactly what you want done. Most companies assume you just want to move, but what if you need help rearranging furniture or just want to see how much it costs for storage space?

Saying the online quote process is as fun as Disneyland would be an exaggeration, but it’s closer than you think. At least until you get to the end and you realize you won’t get a quote until someone calls or emails you. Just an extra step that doesn’t feel super necessary.

Here are the results we got when we went through the online quote process. We planned for a move from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Los Angeles, California.

Move facts Estimate
Distance of move 688 miles
Date of move February 2019
Move size 4-bedroom house
Price with packing and unpacking $7,174

That’s a ballpark estimate of what you’d pay if you were moving from a medium-sized house to another medium-sized house. Ease’s prices jive well with other full-service moving companies. In other words, don’t worry, you’re not overpaying.

The pricing breaks down to be about $80–$100 an hour for labor, including the travel time to get to your place. The whole thing adds up to be a competitive price for a full-service move.

Because Ease operates as a franchise, prices can change depending upon your local business. You’ll need to get in touch with the peeps over there to see exactly how the pricing breaks down

Storage options

Is your landlord kicking you out and you haven’t quite finalized a place to live just yet? Thank goodness for storage options. Two Guys and a Truck offers climate-controlled storage units for you to store your stuff in-between the move.

Storing your stuff with the same company you’re moving with makes your life considerably easier. No need to store your stuff in one place and go through the trouble of organizing everything with the moving company.

Expect to pay about the same you would with any other storage company. The average price for storage units cost around $100–$200 per month.

Non-moving options

Interested in using Ease for something besides moving? You can use them to get moving supplies, rearrange furniture, or if you just need help packing your stuff into your own moving caravan.

Expect for the same hourly rates of $80-$100 an hour to apply, but at least you won’t have to pay for any long-distance moving.

VALUE FLEX® can save you some bucks

Ease launched a new program that some franchises have implemented. The idea is that if you’re moving long distance and are flexible with delivery dates, you can get a pretty sweet discount.

If this sounds like something that might work for you, ask your local franchise if they use the system and take full advantage of it.

Recap—Should you try Ease?

From the corporate level, Ease are a very organized, friendly, and accommodating. The only problem is that things could drastically change when it comes to your local franchise. Some people have had wonderful experiences, and others have had the complete opposite. If you’ve heard good things about your local franchise, we definitely recommend going with Ease. A little nervous about committing to this moving company? promoverscompared.com lays out more great local moving options and even the best moving containers.
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